This isn’t always an easy conversation, so take a walk in the park or grab a coffee together to get away from distractions. To help you both focus, try making a list of the pros and cons of having another child. That way you and your partner can look objectively at the whole situation and see what you may need to consider as a family.

This conversation is important, but isn’t always easy. If you find that you don’t agree right now, pick up the conversation at a later time. Or, consider involving your doctor or a family counselor in the discussion. .

Questions to get the conversation started

  • Are we happy with the current size of our family?
  • How would our lifestyle be impacted if we had another child?
  • Do we want to wait and have more children later?
  • Can we financially handle having another child?
  • If we know we are finished having children, what are our permanent birth control options?